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SGML is the International Standard (ISO 8879) language for structured data and document representation, the basis of HTML and XML and many others. I invented SGML in 1974 and led a 12-year technical effort by several hundred people to develop its present form as an International Standard.

Resources at this Site

The official text of ISO 8879 is described in the Current Text of ISO 8879 (SGML). This area includes the WebSGML Adaptations and the SGML Extended Facilities.

There are things about SGML that deserve more attention than they usually get. Some of them are discussed in these InFrequently Asked Questions (InFAQs).

For history buffs, some reliable papers on the early history of SGML and its precursor, GML, are preserved in the SGML History Niche.

This Web site, like many of the good things in my life, is made possible by my consulting practice, Information Management Consulting.

For journalists and others needing information on my work, photos, bios, and similar resources, see my press kit.

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